Thursday, 11 September 2014

Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

*Warning - Major Spoilers Below*

I didn't enjoy this as much as I did the first book in the series. Maybe it was my mood, peeking out from underneath stacks of exams and essays to mark. Maybe it was because I've had so little time to read the last few weeks, and I wanted whatever I read to be spectacular.

Maybe it's just because this book spent too much time on the love triangle, which I find the least interesting part of the story Clare is trying to tell.

Part of what I liked about the first book was that, although there were some hints of attraction, that wasn't the focus of the book. This time, everything focuses around that.

And yet, I find everything else that's going on so much more interesting! The political machinations, the world she's creating, the non-romantic interplay of characters.

But the biggest problem with the book is that it ends in pretty close to the status quo that the book started with. Nothing much really happens. They're no closer to finding Mortmain, and in fact, barely try. Tessa does nothing new with her powers. Charlotte's leadership is threatened, but finally reaffirmed. The person we always knew would betray them does. (Hint: for the revelation of a spy within the organization to be shocking, it has to be someone you'd never expect.)

Plot, I demand that you move forward! But instead, the book focused around Tessa feeling attracted and conflicted about two different men. The position at the end was mildly interesting, but by then I was too bored to really care.

I might try the next book when it comes out, but if it disappoints me too, then I'm done.

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