Thursday, 18 September 2014

Room by Emma Donoghue

*This is one of the first book reviews I wrote*

I really want to commit to writing reviews of books I've read previously, as well as ones I've just read. But this is the second time I've picked a book and stared at the screen. I was pretty happy with what came out of the God of Small Things review, though, so we'll see what happens this time.

I picked this up as a popular book this year (I try to balance my books between new and popular and classic or off-the-beaten-path, mixed with a healthy dose of SF.) I'd also added it to my library hold list shortly before hearing the author talk at a conference about the research for her next book (which sounds fascinating, let me say that now.)

Room is a hard book to know how to write about. Like God of Small Things, it's not one that moves me to become evangelical about it. Yet I enjoyed it. If someone asked if they should read it, I'd probably say yes.

Of course, the subject matter is in and of itself difficult, and the fact that the narrator is five only highlights the horrors. I did enjoy the narrative voice, which was neither too precious, nor too knowing.

But still, I didn't love it. And it's hard to say I "enjoyed" it, but I'm not sorry I read this book. That space between loving a book and respecting it is a large one, and I do respect this book, and what the author was trying to do - I don't think she shied away from taking the harder choices, from making freedom come at too cheap a price.

Okay, this review was a lot more confused. I may come back to it.

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