Saturday, 19 March 2016

Book Blogger Hop: Author Contact

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This Week's Question:

Has your contact with authors usually been in person, via e-mail, social media, or something else?

I haven't had a lot of author contact. Well, to be precise, I've had a number of people spamming my inbox on Goodreads asking me to read their book, and a few who actually seemed like they'd done their research and might want me to review their book, as opposed to just any reviewer they can find.

I've turned it all down, though. I don't really want an emphasis in my reading patterns on unpublished/self-published stuff, and I fully believe that the vast majority of unsolicited requests will probably be for books that I have no interest in reading. I'm happy reading older (and a few more recent) books that made it through the publishing system and reviewing them. (By which I'm saying I know that publishing can be flawed, but I want someone to vet books as readable first.) Maybe when I'm done my dissertation and have more time, I might add in some reviews for unpublished or self-published authors. Maybe not.

I have had one publisher contact me, and send me a couple of books and I read both of them (one did fairly well on last year's Dust Cover Dust-Up, although nowhere near the top ten), and enjoyed both. So I'm not opposed to the idea, but neither am I courting it.   


  1. I have had some authors approach me in Goodreads as well. But Most I have turned down since it is not my genre.
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    1. Yeah, exactly. It feels like a lot of authors just spam reviewer inboxes there. Unfortunately.

  2. I don't like those random generic review request e-mails. I usually just delete them.

  3. That is too bad about the Goodreads problem.

    I haven't had that happen.

    The generic review requests turn me off.

    Very nice answer.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Hopping!!

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