Friday, 2 May 2014

Bloom County Library, Vol. 3 by Berke Breathed

Ah, Bloom County. I've been slowly picking up these collected editions over the last year or so, waiting for our local comic store to get remaindered versions in. At least, that's the way it had gone until a week or so ago, when I went in and found both the third and fourth available for $10 each, and then, a day later, the fifth! So now I have all of them, barring the Sunday comics collection. Woo!

I'm trying to pace myself reading them, though. I could just rush through and be done, but it's more fun to space them out a bit and savour them thoroughly.

Ah, Bloom County. Where Bill the Cat runs for president, dies, comes back, gets rich, joins a cult, and...what have I forgotten? And Opus loses his memory. And Oliver is hot on the track of many inventions from a working model of a nuclear bomb to a pigmentizer intended to use on the South African ambassador to the UN.

I had no idea how many comics I'd missed by just reading the collections that had been put out. There are so many that are new to me, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting the chance to read the comic in its entirety. Also the author notes, although there aren't that many.

Bloom County is always notable for its topicality, but luckily I still get most of the references. I wonder if that would make parts of it inaccessible for people younger than I am, which would be a pity. It's so inventive, so much fun.

And there's Opus. How can you not love Opus?

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