Thursday, 8 May 2014

Some Shameless Self-Promotion: I Have A Podcast!

This isn't a book review. But we reached a milestone with the podcast I'm a part of, and I'm excited about it. The podcast isn't about books either, but there may be some overlap, and some people who read this blog who might be interested in the podcast.

In addition to being obsessed with books, I'm also a long-time roleplayer, and, more recently, a GM. A while ago, my husband, one of our friends, and I decided that given that we spend a lot of time talking about gaming anyway, perhaps we should start a podcast.

As of yesterday, our 10th episode dropped. (It's Episode 7, officially, but there are also an introductory Episode Zero and two gaming wrap parties available for download.)

What is it, where do you find it, and why should you listen to it?

Good questions, all.

First of all, it's called Shake, Rattle, and Roleplay. It can be found on iTunes by searching that title, or you can get it directly from our hosting service here.

Why should you listen to it? Well, I think we're fairly entertaining and approachable. And if you've ever wondered about taking your games in a more drama-oriented direction, you'll definitely want to listen, as we talk about techniques that have worked, and some that haven't.

(While we're in the mood for plugs, my husband writes a blog about this stuff too, which you can find at High Trust, High Drama).

Oh, and while the show is not book-oriented, when we get to our regular segment on Inspirations, you can almost always hear me enthusing about the book that most recently caught my fancy.

If you're into roleplaying, this type of play, or just vaguely interested in the topic, check us out!

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